About Jordana

Jordana Bowen headshot photo

Jordana Bowen has over 15 years experience in web and graphic design, copywriting and content development across a broad variety of topics. As a small business owner and a former nonprofit organization co-founder, she has a huge heart for great causes as well as businesses that add value to local communities.

She is currently pursuing a MA in Professional and Technical Writing as well as being a writing instructor at Portland State University. She graduated cum laude from the same school in 2013, with a double-major BA in English and Arts & Letters with a minor in Professional Writing. She also completed a year of coursework in Multimedia & Web Design at the Art Institute of Portland.

She served for four years as Senior Web Designer for a small Internet firm; more recently, she was Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of elementary FRESH magazine.

Jordana lives with her family in Cornelius, Oregon. She enjoys building blocks and painting pictures with her 4-year-old daughter, learning about recent advances in science and medicine, and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.