Asian Children’s Mission Logo & Website Redesign

Asian Children’s Mission needed a re-branding and website redesign to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They wanted a cleaner, more modern look while still keeping elements of their original logo to retain brand recognition.

I accomplished this by selecting modern sans-serif fonts, but retaining the green gradient and stylized cross. I extended the cross to the edges of the logo, making it reminiscent of latitude and longitude lines on a globe for additional symbolism.

The all-new website features less text, more white space and clean, strong lines. I worked with the founder to create a new content strategy, appealing directly to ACM’s donor base rather than a broader audience.

View the site at:

The original logo prior to redesign:

  • Content Development: Shortened, reworked and added new content to clarify the organization’s message and bring its large Myanmar-based staff into focus.
  • Visual Communication: Created logo and consistent brand elements and standards. Used visualizations, maps and photos strategically.
  • Website Design: Built a new website in WordPress.
  • Audience Analysis: Determined that almost all donors/potential donors are evangelical Christians. Designed content to speak directly to this audience rather than trying to appeal to both religious and secular groups.
  • Client Communication: Worked closely with the Executive Director of the organization to determine goals and deliver the best possible outcome.
  • WordPress (Website design)
  • HTML and CSS (Website design)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Logo design)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Photo manipulation)