Hillsboro Parent Preschool + Kindergarten 40th Anniversary Shirt

A local play-based, developmentally appropriate co-op preschool is celebrating its 40th anniversary. They wanted a commemorative T-shirt that incorporated their standard style “Hillsboro Parent Preschool + Kindergarten” text along with actual drawings made by children at the school.

I scanned in drawings from several children, ages 3-5, and converted them to vector art. I chose the classic font Cooper Black as the base for “1978” due to the thickness of its lettering and its 70s flair. I hand-altered the numbers to make them more uniform, then used the children’s drawings to create a unique pattern within the numbers.

The preschool’s teacher is particularly pleased with the result, as it reflects drawing skills from a range of ages within the preschool as well as indicating that many, many children have attended.

  • Visual Communication: Created an anniversary design reflective of the values of the school.
  • Audience Awareness:┬áMade a design attractive to adults despite inclusion of less-than-cute drawings by small children
  • Adobe Illustrator (Vector art creation and logo design)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Improved contrast of scanned drawings prior to vector art creation)