Wiki Article & Wikipedia Edit: Instructional Design

As part of my coursework for Advanced Technical Writing, I researched and wrote an article on instructional design for the program’s Technical Communication (TC) wiki. This project showcases my ability to research and synthesize large amounts of information on a new topic.

There were almost no articles about instructional design specifically as it pertains to TC, so my primary task was to find and filter the most relevant information through the lens of TC, placing it in a framework to help an audience of other students grasp its utility.

Due to the subject matter familiarity I gained in the course of my research, I was able to add meaningful content to the Instructional Design Wikipedia article. Look for the section about informal learning’s increasing importance under History > Since 2010.

  • Research: I reviewed 60+ academic journal articles and books spanning the fields of technical communication, instructional design, education, user research and UX design, as well as 20+ articles from non-academic professionals. The finished article draws on 25 academic and non-academic sources.
  • Content development: I determined what information would be the most relevant to technical communicators, organized the results and wrote the article.
  • Style Guides: I used the Wikipedia style guide, author guidelines for this specific wiki, and principles of plain language to edit for clarity and a neutral point of view.